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Are you looking to become known as the Expert of your industry?  Experts destroy their competition with added value.  3 Degrees Consulting helps your digital presence portray your expert status. Experts become brands that people know, like, and trust.  Experts that people can trust attract more clients.

Services We Help You With

3 Degrees Consulting is a full scale marketing agency primarily focused on increasing your digital marketing ROI.  We partner with our clients to get you results you’ll love.

Omnipresence Ceation

Omnipresence Creation

Your brand needs to be everywhere online and the task of doing this can seem overwhelming. Our team has create a simple step by step process to ensure you can be everywhere your customers expect you to be.
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Custom Websites

Custom Webiste

Your website is often the first statement you get to make with a potential client. It helps communicate what experience they will have with your brand. Let us help you communicate exactly what that experience will be like.
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Funnel Development

Funnel Development

Want to sell more products or services? Want to increase your average order value? Funnels are one of the best ways to lead customers through a specific sequence designed to do exactly that for your business.
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Branding & Logo Design

Branding & Logo Design

Premium branding attracts premium clients. 3DC's talented team of designers can help position you as the best business in your industry to magnetically attract the types of clients you want.
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Shine On Social Media

Shine On Social Media

Social Media is a must for all businesses these days. You need to do more than just be there. You need to take customers on a journey with you. We'll help make sure that your brand shines on social media and attracts the right kind of clientele.
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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing has an average ROI of $42 for every $1 spent. You need to be emailing your customers consistently with an automated sequence in order to increase your top line revenue. Let our talented team of writers execute this for you.
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Course Development

Course Development

Information courses are the hottest way to disperse your information and drive revenue. Our team can help you develop, execute and deliver any online course you'd like.
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E-Commerce Solutions

E-Commerce Solutions

It is clear that e-commerce is going to win out over brick and mortar in the long term. Our team can get you up and selling online quickly and easily ensuring you're not missing out any any revenue.
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YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing

It's estimated that 91% of businesses are not actively using YouTube to market their business. It's an untapped marketing source that can create predictable traffic to your business. Our team can help you dominate your niche on YouTube.
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About us

We’re not your average digital marketing agency.  Our founders bring over 30 years of experience in business and 15 years of experience internet marketing.  Our core values drive every decision we make, client we take, and project we bake (ok couldn’t help having some fun with the rhymes).


Always do the right thing no matter


Clients, team members, and anyone we interact with should always feel informed.


Take ownership & pride in being accountable for delivery on our commitments.


Be bold with your ideas, vision, execution, and strategy.


Provide unrivaled quality for our team, clients, and business.


Play Big, Play Strong, Play Courageous, Play Grateful, Play Fun, Love.

Our Mission

To be the digital marketing fiduciary for our client’s success with the most impactful team, services, leadership, and commitment.

Our Vision

To be a trusted partner in connecting clients with the world to achieve their mission.

Leadership Team

When you’re trusting the generation of renvue to an outsourced company, it’s important to know who you’re dealing with.  Our founders bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion to every client we work with.

Bob McIntosh

I have seen first hand the hundreds of students that live in a permanent state of fear about starting their own business. In this new economy it is more important than ever to step up what we are doing and break through The Perfect Barrier to see success in our business. 

Even if you’ve been successful in business for years, times have changed and will continue changing. Fast. In fact the speed of change will only increase as we develop better and more efficient ways to do business. we should know, we felt this way myself for a few years – and we’ve totally changed the way I do business. Growing a business in the 21st century is different. Seeing success is even harder if we continue to do the same things over and over the same old way. We need to change ourselves and the way we think, act, and do or else we won’t have a business for very long.

Gigi Guillotte

Gigi has spent decades in business helping them grow to new heights.  Her experience in operations and running business is an invaluable part of the team and a one of many key reasons why she’s the co-founder of 3 Degrees Consulting.

She’s a natural born connector, capable of building deep relationships quickly.  She helps get to the core problems your business is facing with her emphatic abilities.  

Born and raised on the west bank of New Orleans, she has a heart centered caring side with a bit Cajun spice.


Successful Projects

Here’s just a small sample of client’s we’ve helped.  We know we can help you too.

Jan Hargrave

Jan Hargrave

Dr. Connie Osterholt

Dr. Connie Osterholt

Matthew Johnson

Matthew Johnson

Helen Sage Perry

Helen Sage Perry

Superior ADUs

Superior ADU's



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