Are Paid Ads Still Worth It in ’22?

Inbound marketing professionals are embroiled in a debate as to whether paid advertisements on Google, other search engines and websites are still worthwhile in ’22.  Indeed, paid ads are worth the investment of time, effort and money as we transition to a new year.  Here’s why.

Paid Ads Target Specific Customers

Google’s web-based advertising program, Google AdWords, makes it easy to place online ads that zero in on web surfers who are actively searching for specific products and services.  This approach is a narrowly focused one that facilitates connections with web sleuths most likely to need or desire a specific value offering.

Juxtapose this targeted approach with that of comparably inefficient traditional outbound advertising and it won’t take long to understand why paid ads are worth it.  Broad-based outbound ads such as a billboard on a busy street certainly reach plenty of people yet they don’t connect with individuals most likely to desire or need the product or service in question.


A large part of the appeal of paid ads is they empower marketers to customize the manner in which online advertisements are presented.  The inbound marketer using paid ads on Google or another website determines where the ad appears, establishes a reasonable budget and is empowered to accurately gauge the efficacy of the campaign.  Though setting up a paid ads campaign is slightly intimidating as it has a learning curve, it is worth the investment of time and effort as the return on investment has the potential to be exponentially greater.

Paid Ad Optimization is Easier Than Most Assume

Once the paid ad campaign is established, it is time to enter billing information and publish the campaign.  The campaign performance will be optimized all the more with the ongoing analysis of data.  Those willing to perform such analysis are empowered to make strategic alterations including the removal of keywords, the addition of new keywords, hiking the budget on specific keywords and assets and reducing the budget on keywords/ad sets that are performing below expectations.  

In general, the vast majority of paid ad conversions stem from a relatively small group of important keywords yet you won’t know which keywords are the most effective until in-depth conversion analysis is performed.  Continue to refine the paid ad campaign across posterity and you’ll find it is that much easier to get more out of your paid ads budget, yielding improved results with a reduced cost per click over time.

Make the Most of Your Paid Ads

Paid ads are that much more effective with the right level of budgeting.  If your budget is too low, the ad won’t perform as anticipated.  Setting a budget is more important in the context of Facebook (now known as Meta) advertisements as opposed to pay-per-click (PPC) ads on search engines.  If you set your Facebook paid ad marketing budget too low, the ad won’t prove nearly as effective as anticipated.  

Budget in the right level of funding for your online ads and you’ll enjoy greater flexibility along with elevated impression rates as time progresses.  The money you invest in paid ads on Facebook and other web-based platforms will help you boost your brand visibility and steer online traffic to your website as well as other components of your online footprint.

The Prominent Positioning Your Business Needs

Paid ads positioned on the web appear on Google’s popular search engine results pages, commonly referred to as SERPs, as well as Google Images, Google Maps, Google Play and the ever-popular Google Shopping tab.  The Google Display Network empowers those who use paid ads to expand their reach with advertisements specifically displayed to a target audience for consumption when viewing their preferred websites, watching videos on YouTube and even when reading through messages in Gmail. 

The low cost of paid ads is central to their appeal.  Pay-per-click ads do not cost anything unless web sleuths actually click them.  Such clicks prompt charges applicable to the related bid for the keyword.  In other words, paid ads are cost-effective as advertisers don’t have to pay a penny unless the ads are clicked.  Each of those clicks is worthy of the nominal cost simply because those willing to click the ad have a genuine interest in the product or service advertised.

Seize the Opportunity to Connect with Web Sleuths

In summary, paid ads are worthwhile as they connect your website, online store and your overarching business to the individuals who actively express an interest, need or desire for your unique value offering.  Whether your business is a startup, has been operational for years or even decades, it will greatly benefit from paid ads on the web.  

Give paid ads a try as an inbound marketer or business owner and you’ll find you are empowered to control this highly effective form of inbound marketing exactly as desired.  Paid ads are flexible to the point that marketers can easily commence, halt, adjust and even put a full-stop to bids whenever desired.  This is a golden opportunity to connect directly to your target audience for a mutually beneficial relationship.

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