Email Marketing in 2022

There is plenty of discussion as to whether email marketing is on the decline as we transition from ’21 to ’22.  Though this form of customer outreach isn’t nearly as popular as it was during its infancy, it is still effective.  Plenty of consumers prefer email as a means of obtaining information about the products and brands they value and covet.  What matters most is that those who perform email marketing do so in accordance with the nuances of digital marketing in ’22 as opposed to those of years gone by.

Email Marketing is Still Relevant in ‘22

Part of the reason why email is still effective is that people are more hooked on computers now than ever before.  Prior to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, health and wellness experts insisted on keeping screen time to a minimum.  Attempts to reduce screen time have been thrown out the window now that everyone is socially distancing and a growing number of people are working from home.  

Though it is possible society will emerge from the pandemic in the year ahead, screen-based habits have become ingrained habits, meaning people are checking their email that much more frequently. Consumers are now more likely than ever to click email marketing messages and convert into paying clients from the comfort of home.  As long as your organization empowers consumers to purchase products or services through a computer, tablet or smartphone, your emails will make the intended impact in ’22 and beyond.

The Open Rate Isn’t as Important as Most Assume

Email open rates are not the only metric that matters in the context of email marketing.  Even if your email subscribers don’t engage with the message, they are likely to see the sender’s name along with the subject matter in the subject line.  In some situations, this awareness of the company and its value offering are all that is necessary to prompt customers to patronize the business.  

Furthermore, open rates have become less reliable as the metric has been skewed by false opens resulting from Apple’s decision to halt the tracking of open rates with invisible pixels.  In plain terms, this means subscribers who aren’t engaged will seem active when they are not.  So don’t assume your email open rate has significant meaning.

Opt for an Email Dialogue Instead of a Monologue

Most business owners and marketers make the mistake of assuming email marketing is a one-way street.  Though it takes time and effort to respond to customers’ messages sent as replies to your email marketing messages, doing so is worthwhile.  

In fact, it is in your interest to encourage your readers to reply to your email messages.  Respond to email replies with responses of your own, continue to interact with your audience after additional email messages are sent and you’ll develop a loyal customer base that spreads the word about the merit of your products and services.

Segment Email Messages

No two email marketing audience members are exactly the same.  Though there might be some common themes across your customer base, it is important to recognize each individual email recipient is highly unique.  In other words, it is in your interest to resist the temptation to send a generic email blast to the entirety of your subscriber list.  

Instead, segment your email list into groups and personalize each message for the intended recipient.  Address each recipient by his or her first name, tailor the language of the email to their purchase history and transmit the message when your audience is most likely to check their email inbox.

Mobile Optimization

More people are using mobile devices today than ever before.  The average consumer uses a smartphone or table to access the internet as opposed to traditional desktop and laptop computers.  If your email message subject line and content are not aesthetically pleasing when presented on these comparably small mobile screens, you have some work to do.  

Keep in mind, most people don’t want to read a wall of text or an email with more than 4-5 paragraphs while using a smartphone or tablet.  Optimize the entirety of your email messages for these diminutive devices and you’ll maximize their impact on your target audience.

Tap Into the Power of User-Generated Content

There is no law that says your email messages have to be a top-down monologue in which you inform your audience of new value offerings, sales and industry developments.  Dare to be different by incorporating user-generated content in your email messages.  Include everything from your audience’s social media posts to customer product reviews, photos of your customers benefiting from your products/services and beyond.  

The use of user-generated content will convince your email recipients that your value proposition has considerable merit, ultimately hiking the odds of conversions.  So don’t be afraid to ask your audience for feedback including reviews, pictures, comments and other information relevant to their experiences with your products and services.  The feedback just might help you create deeply engaging email marketing messages that boost your bottom line all the more.

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