Funnel Development

Want to sell more products or services? Want to increase your average order value? Funnels are one of the best ways to lead clients through a specific sequence designed to do exactly that for your business.

What Are Marketing Funnels?

We’re all familiar with how a physical funnel helps a large quantity of something filter down through a smaller hole.  A marketing funnel is very similar just done with potential clients and funneling them to become actual clients.

Each stage of the funnel is a single stop along the journey of either becoming a client or increase the average order value of a client.  Funnels can even have basic logic that takes them through upsells and downsells based on what they choose to spend or not spend money on.  

5 Marketing Funnel Stages:

Every funnel relies on 5 unique stages that help us filter out the people who are interested and hone in on those who are.   These steps help us increase the sales to the RIGHT people and help them spend more with you increasing your profit.  They are as follows:

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Conversion
  4. Loyalty
  5. Advocacy

As you likely already know, once a client spends money with you once, it’s easier to get them to buy again and at a higher level or more expensive products and services.  As each client moves from stage 1 to 5 their propensity to purchase or increase their order value increases.  As such we should also see the percentage of conversions increase as we progress from stage 1 to 5.

3 Degrees Consulting can build a funnel taking your audience through these 5 stages or if you already have a funnel created we can help you increase your conversion rates at each stage.

A Breakdown of the 5 Marketing Funnel Stages

Here’s what you need to know about each of the 5 stages of a marketing funnel.


Stage 1 - Awareness

This step is all about letting potential clients know who you are, what you're all about, how you can help them and what they stand to gain by engaging further in your funnel. Simply put.... What do you sell & why do they want it?

You want clients to take an interest, but like any great marketing, don't lay it all out for them. Leave them wanting to know more and the only way to get it is to start down the path of your funnel. This is usually where you'll collect their name, email and phone number.

feedback from customer

Stage 2 - Consideration

Now that your potential client is in Stage 2, you know they have risen their hand and expressed an interest. This is a great first step.

It's now time to deepen your relationship with them by providing more information about your product or service, perhaps scheduling an appointment, giving a demo or even shipping out a sample.

This is your time to hit them with as much VALUE as you can. If they are wowed by what they get from you at this point, it increases the likelihood of them wanting to buy from you.

Online Payment

Stage 3 - Conversion

This is where you start to recoup your marketing costs. Your potential client pulls out their credit card and buys from you!

Now that you have their attention and some of their dollars it's time to progress them to Stage 4 and increase your client lifetime value.

Digital Key

Stage 4 - Loyalty

You’ve closed the deal and the money is in your bank account. Now, you need to turn your attention to retaining your client.

Remember, it's easier to keep selling to an existing client than it is a new one. So don't forget about your current paying clients. Special offers, discounts, exclusivity, access, and gifts are a great way to keep them engaged and deepen their loyalty with you

Digital Marketing

Stage 5 - Advocacy

This is where you wan all of your clients to get to. This is the stage in which they are actually fighting for your brand on social media, at social gatherings, through leaving reviews and more. Incentivising your loyal clients is a great way to move them from Stage 4 to Stage 5.

Incentives can be anything from additional discounts, exclusive gatherings or events, 5 star reviews on platforms relevant to your industry, company referrals, and more. Honing in on these incentives and coupling it with your funnel will help drive in even more clients for you!

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