Tips and Tricks for Using Yelp for Business Owners

Over 140 million online shoppers use Yelp to search for businesses and products. If you have ever searched for businesses near you, then there is a chance that you have used Yelp.

While it is an excellent tool for customers to use, it is also just as great for business owners. By using the tips and tricks that we are about to learn, you can ensure that your business is discoverable by customers online.

But first…

How Yelp For Business Owners Works

Yelp for business owners offers access to both free and paid tools which you can use to customize your business profile.

This makes the business profile more discoverable by customers that are searching for products and services in your area.

By creating a business profile on Yelp, your business becomes visible on customers’ search results.

Note that some work will be needed to help your business appear in customer search results but when you do it right, you can see a good improvement in your bottom line.

Let’s now find out how you can do this.

1. Add Your Business Details on Yelp

To be discoverable in Yelp, you need to first exist on the platform. The great thing is that this step is super simple and all you need to do is click on the Add Your Business Page.

Note that Yelp will take some time to verify details.

2. Claiming Your Business

Another way to add your business on Yelp is to claim it as your own when a customer has already left a review.

You will then set up a business owner’s account. You can do this by clicking on manage my free listing and then providing the required information.

3. Create Your Business Profile

You want customers who come to your business premises to have a great and unforgettable quality experience. The same is true when it comes to your Yelp for business owners profile page.

First off, ensure that the business information including location information is correct. Online shoppers after all will mainly use Yelp to find a business.

Secondly, provide high-quality images at least five of them. Make sure they are high-definition images of the best parts of your business.

Whether it’s the lounge area or the new spa, customers need to see they are dealing with a quality business.

4. Ask for Customer Reviews

According to one study by Harvard, increasing your customer’s reviews on Yelp baby just one star culminated with an increase in profit by just 5% to 9%.

But how do you get customers to leave you great reviews? First off, you cannot pay them for reviews. Instead, Yelp provides you with an option to ask customers to leave a review.

This option is great when you know that a buyer received great service and was happy but also needed a little encouragement.

5. Respond to Customer Reviews

As a business owner, you hope that you will get positive reviews every single time. However, the nature of business and life is that you are bound to get negative reviews at some point.

You will have to manage the reviews. Leave positive comments after good reviews. Also if you get a negative review respond calmly and sincerely and assure the customer that you will handle the matter.

The great thing about Yelp’s search engine algorithm is that it ranks businesses that are active in the management of their profile. This includes reviews.

Final Thoughts

Yelp can be a great tool to take your business to the next level. For every one-star increase in reviews for instance you stand to earn as much as 5% to 9% extra. With the simple tips we’ve laid for you above, you can optimize your yelp business owners profile to get great results.

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